Now I'm no knitter...

Now I’m no knitter but there is something strangely therapeutic and homely about the regular, OK more intermittent in my case, clicking of knitting needles. It’s a bit like the sound of the washing machine; it just tells you ‘all’s right with the world’. Or maybe that’s just me?!

However, as with many people of my generation, it was my grandmother that taught me how to knit. She was older than most of my contemporaries’ Grandparents, already 40 by the time she had my Mum at the end of the War, but that just made her more of a “Grandmother” if you know what I mean. She had a straight back winged chair next to the fire and down by the side of that was a wooden-handled bag that was full to the brim of knitting needles, balls of wool, folded up and creased knitting patterns and all manner of ‘stuff’ that I later learnt to be the ‘accoutrements’ associated with the art of knitting.

A Washing Machine.

Knitting Bag.

But not only could she knit, Nan could crochet too.

I went back “Darn Sarf” recently to see my parents and Mum had dug out several things Nan had made for her. One of them was a beautiful crochet bolero made for Mum when she was expecting me, A LOT of years ago. But as you can see in the pictures the stitches, tension and little flowers are just perfect!

My Crochet Bolero.

She patiently watched me mangle the yarn round my fingers and drop the needles repeatedly. As a child my own patience wasn’t great and I soon lost interest; sewing on her beautiful, old, hand operated Singer to make Sindy dolls clothes was far more exciting!

However, some of it has stuck!

Our Yarn!

Now we have our own stock of beautiful knitting yarns in the Sewing Emporium, my fingers are itching! My hands have somehow remembered to wind the yarn through my fingers to get the right tension and I find myself hold the knitting pins just like she did almost without conscious effort.

Sadly, I never progressed much past basic knit 1 purl 1, and trying to read a knitting pattern was like trying to read Japanese. Both however, are easy when you know how!

The new Milla Mia and Debbie Bliss yarns we have are just so tempting and the patterns are truly inspiring. And yes they have even got me picking up me pins again too. It probably sounds a bit fanciful, but hey when did a bit of ‘fanciful’ ever do you any harm. When I’m knitting, a mantle of serenity seems to settle on me and I do feel much closer to my Nan.

My Nan!

She was a fiercely independent lady and I’m proud to say I look a lot like her. So with her in mind I am making a VERY simple edge-to-edge cardi in Debbie Bliss Paloma in my favourite pale grey. Nice and chunky using large needles, with a moss stitch border but plain stocking stitch everywhere else.


My Knitting.

And if that does sound Japanese to you come along to our new Learn to Crochet (link) and Learn to Knit (link) workshops coming up in April. Even if you have never picked up a pair of needles or a hook in your life you can get knitting or crocheting too. Once you’ve learned the basics you will be hooked (forgive the pun) and a whole new world opens up to you…

Happy Sewing…and Knitting…and Crocheting

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